Coleman Homes, Inc.

Campion Coleman received his Bachelor’s degree from VA Tech in 1983. He studied Urban Affairs with a concentration in Information Systems. He begin working for his father at Coleman Homes, Inc. on a full time basis after he graduated.

Campion was named Builder of the Year by FABA (Fredericksburg Area Builders Association) in 2007 for overseeing the building of the new offices for Fredericksburg Area Builders Association. Coleman Homes Inc. employs several people who have been with the company since the beginning in 1977. They have also been using suppliers and sub-contractors for over 30 years in some instances. The relationship Coleman Homes has with them is enviable and gives them good working relationships to get the best results for the homeowner. Campion and his employees are committed to being honest and ethical with every person they come into contact with. This includes using only the best materials possible and it produces homes that will last a lifetime.

Campion Coleman
5 Victoria Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
Phone: 540-898-3030 • Fax: 540-898-3030